September 2010 I using it a little easy this week (combating a chilly in this 100 degree climate!) silk pillow cover, but I couldn resist showing you our first finished Clive chair! been doing posts about Clive because the extremely starting of his style as a card board cut out taped to our closet doorway. he grew to become a 3 dimensional frame. /> Clive is totally upholstered. We coated this first prototype in House Depot drop cloth with plans to recuperate him in leather as soon as we felt that the dimensions had been just correct. But I fell in love with the way Clive seemed in drop fabric, so I "borrowing" him for my office :) and in case you are questioning what that is hanging on the doorway, it a classic English postman purse that I use to keep my outgoing mail. You can also purchase many products found here on Velvet and Linen as well as "to the trade" furnishings via Giannetti Home.