Springtime Bandana I have been creating regular visits to the Brooklyn Botanical Backyard this March to examine on spring's progress. The thirty day period began gradually with the initial spindly yellow wisps of witch hazel and obtained momentum, finally providing the bursting buds of the dogwoods. I made this Springtime Bandana to celebrate these early spring initiatives. It reflects the very tip of a daffodil bulb pushing up out of the earth and the millions of tiny vibrant eco-friendly dots twinkling off of every twig of every tree. Alchemy's Haiku mohair and silk blend is an incredible yarn for capturing nature's beauty. Its wealthy hand dyed colours are reflected by the silk and softened by the mohair. To add to the complexity of color, I striped a soothing seagreen with a vibrant acid eco-friendly. The result is a like a beautiful watercolor of spring's essence. Enjoy! --Whitney A US #6, 24 inch round needle. I really suggest the Skacel Addi Lace needle for this project and all tasks that involve fine and/or slippery yarn. Addi's Lace needles have a sharper point and a slightly stickier shaft than Addi's normal needles. These needles really make knitting mohair a nice expertise! The Routine Gauge six one/2 stitches = one inch in stockinette stitch Finished Size 21 inches x 21 inches Note on the Routine Every row in this routine starts with the instructions to both "Flip" or "Slide" the function: "Turning the work" means to do what you would usually do when knitting rows with a round needle silk comforter. That is to say, put the needle in your left hand into your correct and the needle in your correct hand into your still left, and flip the work around so the reverse aspect is dealing with you. "Sliding the work" means to maintain the same side of the function dealing with you, and to drive all the stitches to the right finish of the round needle. Without turning the work, start the new row as you normally would.