Simple Pleasures Hat To make the model of this hat posted on August 30, 2012, you will need the following materials. Please note, the needles are smaller than in the authentic routine. More than the many years silk quilt, thanks to the suggestions of our wonderful visitors, we discovered that dropping down a few of needle sizes is a good concept. Cashmere blooms fairly a little bit with put on, so at first, the fourteen one/2-inch circumference might seem a bit little, but after a wear or two, it will feel just correct! 1 skein of Jade Sapphire's two Ply Cashmere in the colour Ivory. Treat yourself to the easy enjoyment of Jade Sapphire's Cashmere Silk. It is just one of these yarns that fills you with great fulfillment, so sumptuous and alive! Also, appreciate how easy this hat is knit. No fussy stitch patterns and no double pointed needles! Perfect for holiday travel or for a weekend at house with a few great rentals. Easy pleasures are the very best! --Whitney ps. If the yellow mittens are catching your eye, check out last March's EZ's Mitts entry - it's a great time of year to be considering about mittens!For this pattern, I contact the Cashmere Silk "Yarn A". (It is doubled for the cuff.) I call the Mohair "Yarn B". (For the crown, 1 strand of Yarn A is combined with with one strand of Yarn B.) To double Yarn A, both wind the skein into two balls and pull 1 strand from each ball. Location marker to show the end of the round. Round one: *K2, p2, repeat from * to end of spherical. Repeat Spherical one until the piece actions 6 inches from the cast on edge. Crown Reduce one of the strands of Yarn A and include 1 strand of Yarn B (so that you're knitting with one strand of A and one strand of B). Change to the bigger needle, and knit every round till the crown measures seven inches from the top edge of the cuff. Next Spherical: *K2tog, repeat from * to end of spherical. (23 stitches) (This spherical will be a litle tight on the round needle. Feel free to change to double pointed needles if you want, but I didn't find it neccessary.)